11+ Best Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas & Design

The colors of a space probably have the largest initial impact on how you feel in that space. Are the colors soft and dreamy? Are they bold and vibrant? Are they muted and serene? The bedroom is a wonderful place to introduce a color scheme that fits the mood you want to feel most while you’re there. This is different for everyone, but the concepts behind selecting the bedroom paint colors paletteare pretty standard.

If you’re interested in learning more about color schemes for bedrooms, and how to go about creating the space you want, read on. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration and information to help you select your perfect bedroom color palette.

Bedroom Paint Colors

Master bedroom paint colors can set the mood, invigorate a space, or create a calming atmosphere. Choose from our favorite paint ideas for every style of bedroom to get a colorful look you love.

1. Caponata


Dark and moody colors of paint aren’t for everyone, but if you appreciate their dramatic effect, they can be very calming. The trick is to stick with dark hues of cool colors, such as this delicious brownish-purple from Benjamin Moore. The color is called Caponata.

2. Turn Up For Turquoise


Not only do these bright turquoise walls add color, but the vibrant, patterned pillows make it feel extra fun. A large window and white bedding keep it feeling light & airy.

3. Neutral grey with a pop of color


Soft greys on the walls, ceiling, and larger accessories make for a serene yet contemporary bedroom setting. But vibrant red accents breathe life and personality into the otherwise neutral space.

4. Bird’s Egg


Bird’s Egg, from Benjamin Moore, brings is a soft blue, but not overly pale or shy. Somewhere between robin’s egg blue and sky blue, it’s a peaceful color that still manages to make a statement.

5. Back In Black


Black might sound scary, but it looks seriously sexy in a bedroom. To keep it from feeling too dark, opt for white bedding and make sure you have enough natural light in the room.

6. Pink and orange bedroom


For a bedroom seeking a cheerfully retro vibe, pink and orange is a great color palette to explore. The colors themselves are bold, but the room itself needn’t be floor-to-ceiling tangerine and Barbie. Incorporate the fresh colors into artwork and pops throughout your otherwise airy, neutral bedroom for a fun and rejuvenating bedroom color scheme.

7. French Gray


Is it gray, or is it green? French Gray (from Farrow & Ball) is really a mixture of both, but looks greener in the light, grayer when it’s dim. If you want a mid-tone color that makes its presence known, yet doesn’t make a fuss, this is the color for you.

8. Dreaming of Paradise


Blue/green palm print wallpaper turns your bedroom into an island paradise. We can practically feel the ocean breeze.

9. Feelin’ Blue


Blue is one of the most relaxing colors ever, which is part of why this aqua bedroom is so dreamy. The Roman shade and matching bed cushion add some pattern to create dimension.

10. Fresh green and a pop of pink


Pink is often associated with babies or young girls, but the truth is, it makes a wonderful accent color in a green bedroom. As a relative of red, pink can play the role of complementary colors with green…more successfully, usually, because the bedroom won’t look like Christmas year-round.

11. Forest Feels


Unexpected, totally, but we’re so here for this earthy, forest green. Combine it with rich, patterned textiles and we’re done for.

12. Forest green with earthy brown


A color combination found all over the place in nature is one we can certainly take seriously, and forest green with earthy browns is no exception. Although the depth and darkness of these colors could be a little overwhelming, the key to making this bedroom feel alive and inviting is to ensure plenty of natural light. A perfect – and natural – balance to nature-based color palette.

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