10+ Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

A clean house is a reflection of its owner some said so. A rare owner. You probably add that it only belongs to some house sites or, probably, house magazines. That’s ok. In short, a clean house is a rare gem. And rarer still is a squeaky clean garage. The place, aside kitchen, which seems always clutter is garage.

Muddy floor, greasy door knob, messy tools, are only parts of daily sight of a normal mortal being. But, yes, being a mortal, you can also reach the neatness level of those immortalized in Net or mags.

Use garage cabinet. With the simple stuff you can declutter your garage overnight. Here’s some of the simplest garage cabinet ideas for you.

1. Scrap Wood Shelves for Limited Garage Cabinet Ideas

Not all us have the huge and wide garage in our house. Setting garage cabinets in a large garage won’t be presented any problems. Just make your best layout and put your choice of cabinets.

This won’t do with a limited garage space. Even a garage cabinet can presents a problem here, if you force it into the garage. Instead, you can build your own cabinet substitute by creating shelves from wood scrap.

The picture shows you the example, and it can hold various tool boxes. Once finished, you can paint the shelves to match with the overall garage paint.

2. A Hanging Storage Systems as an Alternative of Garage Cabinets Ideas

A hanging storage also offers good storage systems for limited garages, though you also can fix it in a large garage like this example. Without cabinets, or even pegboard, and only with one or two long peg holders, you have this efficient storage place.

They will hang your stuff nicely and neatly, for easy access or restore. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always look into the marker for several of them. Choose the one that suit to your garage well.

3. An Assorted Storage Systems for a Multi-function Garage

Sometime garage is not only a car place, it also become the chief storage place in the house. If you have the similar case and still have a messy garage, it’s probably you need to redo your garage immediately.

A combination of open cabinets, closed cabinets, open shelves, and hanging cabinets can help you to organize your garage. In this example you see the types of storage systems are used wisely, and the result is a clean garage.

4. Locker Cabinets for the Kids’ Stuff

If you have kids around, a garage can serve you well to store their stuff. Kids can amass astounding amount of stuff over years, to store all of them, you need a special cache.

Along with your garage cabinets, include also a locker-like cabinets on the garage. These cabinets will serve as your kids’ stuff container. The kids will have to put their gears or other there, and restore them there as well.

5. Set a Mudroom

A mudroom serves as a transit room before you move to the main house. You put off your shoes, coats, bags, or any other stuff here. Unfortunately, not all house have this room.

If happened that you don’t have one, you can set one in your garage, just like this example. You can build this elegant mudroom in the spare space of your garage, and say good bye to the cluttering shoes in front of the doors.

6. Open Shelves for Effective Garage Storage Systems

Without proper storing place, toys and other playing stuff can easily mess your home. So set a special place for them. Along with the garage cabinets, add an open shelves for the purpose.

Put some colorful buckets as containers for their many toys, Buckets enable the kids to retrieve and store the toys easily. The different colors make them easy to categorize their toys when storing.

7. Off-the-floor Garage Cabinets for Easy Cleaning

And empty garage won’t be good for the garage’s health and yours. It tends to clutter from lack of storage systems and dirt easily seep in. To avoid those troubles, and to have better visual impact, use garage cabinets.

They will shelve all your tools and car-related stuff neatly. They also add charm to the garage from the warmness spreading from them. For easy cleaning the overall garage, set the cabinets off the floor.

The space under them enable you to clean all part of the garage easily, without being worry that any dirt, oil spill, or else, still hiding under the cabinet.

8. A Countertop for Garage Workbench Idea

So, set a countertop on your garage if you won’t let your garage and your hands get dirty from those dirt from your garage activities. Yes, a countertop just like in your kitchen.

The function is just the same too: as a special place to wash to clean yourselves or washing any mechanical parts of your car. Choose an easily cleaned countertop materials.

You may use stainless type for the purpose, it’s easy to clean and durable. If your garage includes some woodworking, a butcher block will suit you well.

9. Vintage Pegboard for Vintage Garage Cabinet Ideas

Along with the workbench, you can add the functionality of the garage by utilizing the wall above it. Just like the picture in the example, hang a pegboard.

The vintage large pegboard looks nice with the overall garage look. Not only making your garage looks nice and neat, this pegboard is truly helpful in time you doing any repair or any garage activities. You can easily reach your tools (and, of course, putting it back).

10. Add Fridge and Extra Sink for Chic Garage cabinet Idea

Aside of sheltering cars, you can use your large garage for other activities. You can organize any family gatherings or any parties in this place. For the reasons, it’s good if you put some elemental stuff into your garage.

Sink and fridge are two things you won’t forgot in this case. There’s no need to change the overall layout of your garage cabinet for them. Just put them around the existing cabinets like the picture above. The layout is clean and uncluttered.

There it is. You get some of 10 simple Garage cabinet ideas. They’re all easy to follow and very practical. You even can do it yourselves. Some others need a little effort and resources. But it’s wort it, for in the end you’ll have a clean and organized garage.

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