11+ Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas and Design

If your home is full of blank walls just waiting to be filled with unique artworks, wall hangings, and décor, the time to curate your space is now. “It is never too soon to invest in a major piece of art,” a master in decorating unique, personality-packed rooms. “Unlike furniture, wallpaper, rugs, or any other décor in a space, art is forever. … It is important to buy only what appeals to you rather than buying a piece because it matches a room in your home,” she says. Before you pick up a hammer and nails, take a look at some of these living room wall decor ideas. Inspiration awaits.

1. Turquoise Touches

If you’re too nervous to stray far from a neutral, choose just one shade you love (and keep the walls a calming beige, as seen in this living room) to dip a toe into the pool of color possibilities.

2. Photographs

Upgrade your parents’ wall of family photographs with some intriguing black-and-white or vintage pictures framed and placed in a sprawling gallery wall. Bikoff likes to find unique pieces while traveling. “I am a big fan of antiques and vintage art. … Every city has a charming, hidden-away antique shop that sells one-of-a-kind art,” she says. Do some digging at thrift shops, galleries, and outposts to find original art you can proudly display at home.


A wall in the living area of Hilary Swank’s Manhattan home is clad with planks of reclaimed barn wood; the photograph is by Jackie Nickerson, and the painting is by Carlos Vega.

4. Framed Drawings

In addition to paintings, photographs, and sculptures, there are also drawings. These hand-drawn sketches are unrefined and raw, yet their place in this structured gallery wall transforms them into sophisticated wall décor.

5. Understated Glam

A neutral palette doesn’t always mean playing it safe. Layer textures and mix in flea market finds to keep things interesting like this glam home and avoid a flat appearance.


A built-in bookshelf stocked with framed art is an easy way to simultaneously display your favorite pieces and cover a boring wall. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about eventually covering up nail holes from hanging art.

7. Gorgeous Gallery

Achieve the drama of a major art piece inexpensively by displaying a tight grid of frames.

8. Alternative Framework

These three black-and-white photos remain unframed, hanging on the wall by metal clips. This creates a perfectly unfinished look that lacks the formality of traditional artwork. Think of this as the elevated version of your youthful decorating attempts, which likely included hanging posters on the wall with only strips of tape.


This Mexican treehouse has a living room with worldly charm, distinguished most notably by a tapestry created from a traditional Bhutanese man’s robe and hung on the wall. The sofa and ottoman are by Ligne Roset, the Saarinen side table is by Knoll and the chairs are by Hans Wegner.

10. Bookcases

Utilizing a bookshelf for design purposes is one unique living room wall décor idea. Whether the shelves are filled with books, objects, antique glassware, or vases, a wall-to-wall bookshelf is one way to make a statement and display the objects you care about in your home.

11. Gorgeous Gallery

Achieve the drama of a major art piece inexpensively by displaying a tight grid of frames.